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The Catalogue of Russian medals and engravings


Altogether 523 medals and 51 engravings have been published in this Catalogue illustrated by digital images (N.Smirnova, Yu. Krasnobayeva, O.Antonov). Three parts of the Catalogue of Medals include commemorative, decoration and personal medals which are dedicated to Peter the Great (1672-1725), the Swedish King Charles XII (1682-1718) and to the immortalizing the events of the Great Northern War of 1700-1721. The Catalogue of engravings includes some prints which were used as prototypes for medals’ compositions.

The articles are a result of joint efforts of the authors from the Pushkin Museum in cooperation with colleagues from the State Historical Museum. An investigation of the Russian military award system and history of the early Russian commemorative medals has been carried out by V.A. Durov and  M.A. Shutkina, curators from Numismatic Department of the State Historical Museum. The introduction to the history of Russian engravings from Peter the Great’s epoch is published by O.A. Antonov, curator of Pushkin museum’s collection of Russian prints. Yu.Krasnobayeva comments Latin legends on European and Russian medals of the 1st quarter of the 18th century.

Attention is drawn in particular to medals from the collection of Alexander Stakhovich (1884-1959), a Russian émigré, who was one of the founders of the Russian Military History Society in Paris and had collected medals linked to events in the reign of Peter the Great. In 1983 his collection was acquired by the USSR Ministry of Culture and transferred to the Pushkin Museum (378 items). 23 medals were donated by the son of collector as well. Now it is the best part of the section of Russian medals in numismatic collection of the Pushkin Museum (L.A. Zavorotnaya).