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Patriotic War of 1812 perceived through medals and engravings


Обложка книги New Catalogue and the second book in series of the Pushkin Museum’s project “Great Russian victories perceived through medals and engravings” is out of print and now is available in Russian. It is dedicated to the Bicentennial of victory at the Patriotic War of 1812.
Altogether 489 Russian and European medals, orders, badges, seals and 62 engravings was published in the Catalogue. The book describes the details, in full color, every numismatic and print item from the collection of the Pushkin Museum immortalizing the events of Napoleonic Wars from 1796 until 1818.
The articles are result of joint efforts of the authors from the Pushkin Museum, the State Hermitage and the State Historical Museum. The introduction to the Catalogue was written by Dr. Evgeniya Shchukina (1923-2012), known Russian specialist in medal art, who kindly reviewed this book. The investigation of the Russian military award system and Russian commemorative medals at the beginning of the 19th  century was carried out  by V. Durov and M. Shutkina. The introduction to the history of sculpture at this period was presented by S. Morozova. Yu. Krasnobayeva comments Latin legends on medals. In her article attention is drawn in particular to the art of invention of French and Russian medals illustrated with numismatic and graphic materials.
The Catalogue is commented by authors. It includes originals as well as copies of medals from the collection of the Pushkin Museum. There are rare exhibits and extracts from French and Russian archive documents on the main events of Russian and French history.
You can purchase the Catalogue in museum book shop, its digital version is in preparation.