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Sergei A. Kovalenko. Monetary Portraiture in the Northern Black Sea Littoral // Memoranda Numismatica Atheniensia, 2, Athens, 2018


CoverSecond issue of MNA (Memoranda Numismatica Atheniensia) «Monetary Portraiture in the Northern Black Sea Littoral» has been recently published. MNA is specialized scientific edition, which publication was initiated in 2016 by our Greek colleagues from KIKPE Foundation, Prof. Vassiliki Penna and Mr Yannis Stoyas.

Issue in question was prepared by the Keeper of Coins&Medals Department of the Pushkin Museum, Dr Sergei Kovalenko. It deals with the problem of the monetary portraiture in the coinages of the Northern Black Sea littoral. As against other areas of oikumene this region did not have tradition of long using such portraits as coin types. In the monetary issues of the main Greek poleis of the area, Olbia and Tauric Chersonesos, portraits appear sporadically. However, such cases allow reassessing some old materials debated by scholars during a long time.

The Bosporan kingdom was leader in using portrait images on the coins. So, special attention is paid to the analysis of such images on the gold staters of the Bosporan kings and their silver issues, which are very rare.

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