Coins and Medals Department, Pushkin
Отдел Коллекция Проекты Научная работа отдела Библиотека События Партнеры Меценаты

MONETI I MEDALI («Coins & Medals») vol. III. Moscow, 2015


Coins and Medals CoverThis edition represents third part of the collection of articles “Coins and Medals” initiated by the Keeper of Coins and Medals Department of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts Dr. Natalya Smirnova in 1996. Despite considerable time intervals between emergence of the parts of this edition (the second one was published in 2004) it is still might be regarded as some sort of visiting card of our Department, where the third (judging by its size) and one of the oldest numismatic collections of Russia has been stored. Systematic publication of this collection initially was the main goal of this edition. It was achieved mainly owing to the efforts of staff’ members as well as invited scholars.

Third part of “Coins and Medals” is not exception in this regard. The most articles are devoted to the publication of either whole groups of exhibits from the funds of the Department or of individual numismatic monuments covering time span between Hellenistic period and modern time.

However, along with pure publications, papers dealing with more general historical and cultural questions considering coinage and monetary circulation have been included. Article devoted to the numismatic books from the library of famous Russian philosopher and writer Vasilii V. Rozanov should be especially mentioned as well.

Publication of this edition would have been impossible without generous support and active help of Mr. Andrei V. Vdovin highly appreciated by all authors. We would like to express our sincere gratitude as well to the Museum photographer Daria A. Popova for the efficient preparation of high-quality photo images illustrating part of the articles.