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In 1989 the 15th and last volume of one of the leading Russian scientific journals, "Numismatics and Epigraphy" was published by Dmitrii B. Shelov (1919-1993) its founder and permanent editor. D.В.Shelov was a prominent researcher in the fields of ancient history, archaeology and numismatics.

Since 1960 "Numismatics and Epigraphy" issued 15 volumes of the collection in all. In last, fifteenth volume, a list of contents was published of all the issues already printed. "Numismatics and Epigraphy" won a high reputation in the scientific world from the very beginning. The journal printed the first bibliographies in numismatics, in which information was collected about all numismatic works issued in Russia since 1917.

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts was an initiator of prolongation of "Numismatics and Epigraphy". The 16th volume of journal was edited in 1999 and 17th volume iт 2004.

The 16th volume of journal is a result of joint efforts of the Pushkin Museum in cooperation with the Institute of Archaeology and the Centre of Comparative Studies of Ancient Civilisations. This collection pays tribute to the memory of Dr. Shelov.

The 16th volume of "Numismatics and Epigraphy" comprises the publication of the new, so far unknown monuments of the Greek and Latin epigraphy discovered recently (Yu. G.Vinogradov, V.M.Zubar, I.A.Antonova, V.V.Guruleva) and a study of such well-known epigraphic document as Athenian Coin Decree by Klearchos dated from the 5th century BC (A.V.Strelkov).

A numismatic section of the 16th volume includes some papers dealing with the various directions of numismatic study. A fundamental catalogue of coins of the Bosporan king Sauromates I (93-123 AD) has been published by N.A.Frolova. Research articles are devoted to the important problems of the coin history of antiquity. The questions of the coin chronology of Tauric Chersonesus in the 4th cent BC have been considered by S.A.Kovalenko on the ground of all new numismatic materials known up to now. One of the new directions in the numismatic study regarding to the use of natural sciences methods is represented by the work by M.Yu.Treister which deals with the analysis of metal of the Bosporan coins dated from the 4th cent.BC - 4th cent.AD. An investigation of the money system and politics as an important integral part of money circulation in the Roman Empire of August and Tiberius has been carried out by A.V.Pozdnyakov. T. Stukalova comments on the questions of money law in France of 9-10 AD. The new coins described by N.Smirnova and P.Gaidukov. The book includes a review on a book "Pre-Kushana Coins in Pakistan" by O.Bopearachchi and Aman ur Rahman and a short information about the 6th all-Russian numismatic conference.

The 17th volume of the "Numismatics & Epigraphy" pays tribute to the memory of Dr. Yu. G. Vinogradov and is a mark of respect for his work (A.Andreeva, A. Vinogradov).

This collection of articles comprises the publication of the new, so far unknown materials and a study of well-known epigraphic monuments of the Greek, Latin, Arabian and Ancient Maya epigraphy (A.Strelkov, A.Balakhvantsev, V.Zubar', V.Nastich).

A numismatic section of the volume includes some papers dealing with important questions of the metrology and a coin history of antiquity (S. Kovalenko, D. Mac Dowell). A Catalogue of 421 Greco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek Coins from State Hermitage and registered finds of Hellenistic Coins coming from Central Asia has been published by N. Smirnova and A. Naymark. The unknown part of Gerzeul Hoard of Roman denarii has been published by M. Abramzon. Ques-tions of the coin chronology and classification of Pskov Coins of 15-16th centuries have been considered by P.Gaydukov on the ground of all new numismatic materials known up to now. An investigation of the money producing in Russia in 16-17th centuries has been carried out by S.Zverev.

The 18th volume of N&E is in preparation.