Coins and Medals Department, Pushkin
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Archaeological excavations

2007-2008. Excavations in Tuva (Syberia). Por-Bajin - Uygur fortress of 8th century. (N.Smirnova - papers on results of escavations of Southern Gates, tranch 6- in Russian Academy of Sciences, 2007). About the project:

1988-2005. Excavations of Chaika settelement in the North-Western Crimea. Archaeological expedition of the Moscow University. Publication: Elena A. Popova, Sergei A. Kovalenko "Historical and Archaeological Essays on the Greek and Late-Scythian Cultures in the North-Western Crimea". Moscow University Press. 2005. 178 pp. (in Russian)

1992-2000. International Merv Project. Publication of coin finds coming from Giaour-Kala (Nataliya Smirnova. Numizmatika i Epigraphyka, t. XVI, p. 242-264, in Russian;  Some  questions regarding  the Numismatics of Pre-Islamic Merv// After Alexander. Central Asia before Islam. Oxford. 2007. P.377-389).