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Exhibition "Decisive Battle" devoted to Poltava Battle on June 27, 1709 in the State Kremlin Museums of Moscow


State Kremlin Museums present "The Decisive Battle"

The exhibition, placed in the Assumption Belfry and One-Pillar Chamber of the Patriarch's Palace, is correlated with a celebration of the 300th Anniversary of the greatest event in the Russian history of the XVIIIth century - the Battle of Poltava. The project participants are the world-known museums. About 160 unique items form the Kremlin collections are on display, i.e. the portraits of persons involved in the Great Northern War, officer decorations, gold commemorative medals, pieces of Russian and Swedish arms of the early XVIIIth century, personal equipment belonged to Charles XII, Peter I and his companions, artworks by Russian silversmiths and enamelled items, dedicated to themes of Poltava. The exhibits, worthy of particular attention, are the trophies, captured by Russian troops during the Battle: flags, kettledrums, drums, banners' peaks, arms and Swedish officer decorations.  For details: