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Transactions of the State Hermitage XLVIII. Materials and researches of the Numismatics Department (to commemorate Anna Markova [1895-1975]) SPb, 2009


Studies of the Numismatic Department of State Hermitage (edited as Transactions of the State Hermitage, t.XLVIII), commemorate to Anna Markova (1895-1975).

Anna Markova was the daughter of Alexey Markov, known numismatist and keeper of Munzkabinett of the State Hermitage. She specialized in European Numismatics and worked in the State Hermitage in 1924-1961, as a curator of European Numismatics in 1945-1959 (about 400,000 coins and medals).
20 Catalogues of the Hermitage Collection by A.Markova was a result of her many years work with a collection. These manuscripts are keeping now in the Numismatic Department of the State Hermitage.

In Numismatic Journal there are researches and publications in Numismatics, Medal Art, Archive materials etc.