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XVI All-Russian Numismatic Conference, Saint Petersburg 2011


XVI All-Russian Numismatic Conference was being held on April 18-23, 2011 in the State Hermitage (St. Petersburg).
Opening of the Conference and plenary meeting took place on April 18, 2011 in the Hermitage Theatre (Palace Embankment, 34).
The work of the Conference was continued on April 19-22 in the holiday hotel "Baltietz" (Repino, the St Petersburg Region).

The Program of the Conference

April 19, Session 1 (morning): Ancient Coins; (evening): Ancient and Byzantine Coins.
             Session 2 (morning): Coins of Western Europe; (evening): Medal Art
April 20, Session 1 (morning and evening): Oriental Coins;
             Session 2 (morning and evening): Phaleristics
April 21: Russian Coins;
April 22: Session 1 (morning and evening): The History of Museum Collections and the History of Numismatics;
             Session 2 (morning): Paper Money
             Closing of the Conference

Organising Commitee:
Numismatic Department of the State Hermitage, Palace Embankment, 34, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation 190000
Lepekhina Ekaterina, Stepanova Olga, Kravtzov Constantin