Coins and Medals Department, Pushkin
Отдел Коллекция Проекты Научная работа отдела Библиотека События Партнеры Меценаты

Exhibitions in the Moscow Kremlin: Sovereign Knights. Foreign Orders of Russian Emperors


The exhibition in the One-Pillar Chamber of the Patriarch's Palace presents foreign decorations belonged to Russian sovereigns from the Moscow Kremlin funds. Decorating the Russian monarchs with foreign orders can be regarded as an act of diplomatic recognition of the Russian State as one of the leading powerful countries of Europe, the Middle East and Far East, Asia and America. The exposition, comprising almost 300 items by renowned foreign goldsmiths, reveals the history and beauty of these artworks. It includes various insignia (stars, crosses and chains of different orders) as well as articles, relating to the main topic of the exhibition, i.e. portraits of the Emperors, their Order costumes, award documentation, statutes of the Orders and photomaterial.
The project is supported by the State Archive of the Russian Federation, State Archives of Ancient Documents, the State Historical Museum, State Hermitage Museum and other Russian museums.

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