Coins and Medals Department, Pushkin
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The exhibition "Universe in miniature" is opened


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Collection of gems in the Pushkin Museum totals over 500 Oriental, Classical and European items. This is very small number of engraved stones in comparison for example with the State Hermitage. Nevertheless, about 200 exhibits are on display now in the room with Classical plaster casts. A new form of installation gives visitors opportunity to see Ancient Cylinders quite enlarged in 3D format. There are engraved stones originating from known private collections, archaeological excavations in Pontus region and recent acquisitions at the exhibition. Illustrated Catalogue with annotations presents a selection of gems from Iran, Central Asia, Greece and the Roman Empire. Classical gems are systematized by subject. European intaglios and cameos were mainly inspired by Classical sujets. Minerals from the Vernadsky Geological Museum are exhibited too.