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Evgeniya Semenovna Schukina (1929-2012)


Evgeniya Semenovna Schukina (1929-2012)

Evgeniya Semenovna Schukina died on 10th October 2012. She worked for the Coin Collection of State Hermitage for 61 years and for 55 of these as curator of medals. She started during the difficult period of post-World-War II reconstruction and came through the times she called herself “iron age”.

E. Schukina after graduating from Leningrad University began her working in the Hermitage under the leadership of Ivan Spasskii (1904-1990), the chief-curator of Numismatic Department. 

Schukina made important contribution to Russian and European Medal’s Art and History. Her PHD (1956) was in the field of Russian Medals of 18th century and published in 1962 (Medal Art in Russia in 18th century – in Russian). Her output was also lasting in a series of books (in Russian): Two centuries of Russian Medal (2000), Monograms and signatures on Russian Medals from 18th c. to the beginning of 20th c. (2001), A Medal Series by F.G. Müller in commemoration of the Northern War at the State Hermitage Museum (2006), German Medals of 16th century – the Catalogue of the State Hermitage Collection (2011).

Overall the list of the publications by Shchukina in Russian and foreign scientific editions numbered more than 150.

Dr Evgeniya Schukina was amiable, intelligent and really like as a person. She has always been ready to help, advise and encourage others. Her last work was included as a preface to the Catalogue of Medals in commemoration of the Civil War of 1812 from Pushkin Museum Collection (Moscow), which is in print.