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«New Creation – 2013». New Project of the Medallic Sculpture Studio, NAA Sofia


«The End», a 2012 medallic project of MSSS has just be finalised.

This mysterious title inspired many interesting works of art. Thirty eight artists from 10 countries took part, presenting about 300 medals and medal objects.

The success of «The End» prompted the next project, «New Creation».

The new project consists of the following seven working sessions: «The Light», «The Water», «The Earth», «The Stars», «The Birds», «The Humans» and «The Extraterrestrials».

The purpose of the project is to give a greater variety of topics for medallic interpretation.

Students from art schools, as well as professional artists are all invited to take part.


Prof. Bogomil Nikolov

Medallic Sculpture Studio,

National Academy of Art, Sofia