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he XV International Numismatic Congress



The XV International Numismatic Congress will be held in Taormina from 21st to 25th September 2015, half a century after the last Congress held in Italy (Rome 1961).

The organizers of the Congress are the Chairs of Ancient and Medieval Numismatics of the University of Messina, one of the oldest Universities in Italy (founded in 1548), in collaboration with the International Numismatic Council.

Situated in the centre of the Mediterranean, perched on a lofty terrace overhanging a beautiful coastline, with the Volcano Etna as its background, Taormina is a lovely resort, very interesting from the archaeological and artistic point of view, offering to the visitors a number of monuments of various epochs.

In order to value the numismatic patrimony, several initiatives for the promotion, conservation, valorization and fruition of the material and immaterial patrimony belonging to Sicily and Italy are being promoted, in the years preceding the XV Congress, to bring to the knowledge of the public the extraordinary potentiality of the coin as historical document informing about local identities and cultural heritages.

During the Congress the Survey of Numismatic Research (2008-2013) will be published, together with the medal commemorating the XV International Numismatic Congress.