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The Museum оf Russian History (1897–1914)


A.P. Maltzev portraitThe exhibition «The Museum of Russian history » is dedicated to the collection of the Museum, which was founded by Alexey Maltsev (1854–1915) in Berlin-Tegel in 1897.

Archpriest Alexey Petrovich Maltsev (1854–1915) was a prior of the church of the Russian embassy in Berlin since 1886. He founded the Brotherhood of St. Vladimir in Berlin in 1890. The Brotherhood is the oldest Russian benevolent society in Germany. Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich (1847–1909), brother of Emperor Alexander III, was the first patron of Brotherhood. Eight Russian Orthodox churches in Germany were opened by Brotherhood’s members and Alexey Maltsev.

Paintings, prints, religious items, various documents, coins and medals were being kept in the collection. Persons who visited house mentioned that there were 14 showcases with various exhibits in the museum. Collection comprised 2000 paintings and prints as well. The museum was being open for visitors in the Brotherhood’s house during 18 years till 1914. Maltsev committed the numismatic collection of the Museum to the family of Oscar Kvaas. In 1956, ElizChurchabeth Kvaas donated the collection to the USSR. Since that time it has been stored in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and the document revealing the history of this collection is kept in the Museum’s archives. The Brotherhood Society and Museum’s archive was lost during two World Wars.

350 Russian and European medals, awards, coins and tokens are planning to be exhibited. Medals dedicated to the Brotherhood’s churches in Bad Kissingen and Görbersdorf (Sokolovsko, Poland) as well as awards are of special interest.

Thus, surviving part of the collection of the Brotherhood’s Museum of Russian history is coming to light one century after it was considered to had been lost.