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Magdalina A. Dobrovolskaya (1931-2015)


Magdalina Dobrovolskaya   Magdalina A. Dobrovolskaya, curator of orders and seals in the State Hermitage, passed away on July 27.

Her career in the Hermitage lasted 60 years. M. Dobrovolskaya graduated from Leningrad University in 1955 and the same year she came to Museum.

Magdalina A. Dobrovolskaya was a prolific writer in the field of phaleristics, heraldry and sphragistics, having produced over sixty articles published in her own country as well as abroad and established her reputation as an authority in this area. The main focus of her interest was study of the Russian and Soviet orders.

Her activity was not limited to research. She systematized one of the best known collection of orders and seals from the Hermitage depository and worked as a lecturer.

In 1974-1998 M. Dobrovolskaya worked not only as a curator but also as a Deputy-Director of the Numismatic Department of the Hermitage.

Magdalina Dobrovolskaya was generous in the sharing of her knowledge and helped many other scholars and museum curators in the identification of items and as they wrote their research works. Her main pupil was her daughter Lydia Dobrovolskaya, who is now the curator of orders and seals in the Nimismatic Department of the Hermitage.