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"Medal Ages": International Art Medal Project 2018, Bulgaria


Poster "Medal Ages"

The latest seventh sessions of the Permanent Medal Project of the MSSS in 2017 was called "I Have a Dream to Go On" and here, it really goes on with seven new sessions under the common name "MEDAL AGES".
The current 13th edition of the virtual medal show begins in February 2018 with the Egyptian Art.

The following months continue with the topics "Ancient Greece", "Rome", "Byzantine Art", "Italian Renaissance", "Baroque", "Art Deco".
The first four tasks are devoted to ancient cultures and the other three to popular styles.
The aim is to create new, contemporary works inspired by the character and atmosphere of the period or style.
On the announce poster you can see the dates for participation in the exhibitions. Each exhibition is accompanied by a poster-catalog, which is published on several websites:

Please send the pictures of your medals to:

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