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Anatoly Semenovich Korshikov (February 7, 1946 - October 20, 2020)


Anatoly Korshikov

With great sadness we heard about the death of Anatoly Semenovich Korshikov, the permanent director of the wonderful Ostafyevo Estate museum, a man who practically recreated this magnificent monument of Russian history and culture from the ruins. Anatoly Semenovich was not just an outstanding figure in Russian culture, but a true enthusiast, a man who was inspired with the spirit and atmosphere of the Pushkin and Karamzin epoch, and at the same time a fighter who was never afraid to defend what he thought was correct and rightful. For us, he was not only a mentor ready to give an advice and help us through hard times, but also a real friend, whose sympathy and warm hospitality we have enjoyed so many times. We will miss this talented, strong and big man. We commiserate with the family and friends of Anatoly Semenovich and we cherish the memory of him…