Coins and Medals Department, Pushkin
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Alexei V. Pozdnyakov (1954–2021)


Aleksey V. Pozdnyakov

On January 30, 2021, Aleksey V. Pozdnyakov, who worked in the Coins and Medals Department department until 2008, passed away. He was a bright, extraordinary personality, a big, strong and complex person. An extremely gifted scientist, Aleksey Pozdnyakov came to our department as an already established researcher, candidate of historical sciences. He graduated from the Department of the Ancient World of the Faculty of History of Moscow State University and was one of the leading Russian specialists in the field of Roman numismatics. However, his scientific interests were not confined to this one topic, but extended to the sphere of the currency of the Middle Ages and the Modern Period, as well as to theoretical issues of monetary circulation. Thanks to the efforts of Alexei Pozdnyakov, scientific attribution and systematization of the Roman part of the antique numismatic collection kept in the numismatics department of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts was carried out anew, at the modern scientific level, and thousands of detailed cards were written on coins of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. Alexey was not an academic dried-up person, as one might think reading his works. He was the soul of any company; he loved direct and friendly communication. Although it was not easy to be friends with him, it was very interesting. He was a lover of sharp and well-aimed words, composed lovely poems. Many of his statements have long since turned into aphorisms in the department. Having left the department due to difficult circumstances, Alexey Pozdnyakov turned into a kind of legend, which was told to young employees who did not know him, and who was often recalled for one reason or another at a friendly tea or feast by his colleagues who knew Alexey.  

We cherish the memory of him.