Coins and Medals Department, Pushkin
Отдел Коллекция Проекты Научная работа отдела Библиотека События Партнеры Меценаты

Publication: Curators. The Fellowship of the Key. 75th anniversary of the Coins&Medals Department of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts / N. Alexandrova, U. Volkova, S. Kovalenko, J. Krasnobaeva, N. Smirnova. Moscow, 2021



Someone who is not familiar with the science of numismatics may consider it rather dry, and sometimes not very clear. In fact, each of us daily deals with the items that this discipline studies. Coins and banknotes, medals and badges – with their help you can learn more about the history of different countries and eras, about rulers and ordinary people, about everyday life, the level of technical progress, the development of various arts, and even about the state of philosophical thought.

This publication is unusual in structure with its multi-level presentation of the material. It was prepared for the 75th anniversary of the Coins and Medals Department of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. The book tells us about the history of the department and its collection through the story of curators and collectors, who gathered, preserved and popularized items of numismatics.

We recommend the book to everyone who is interested in numismatics or the history of museum collections in Russia, as well as to those who love history and are ready to look at famous events and facts from an unexpected point of view.