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Release of the program "History of a Piece of Art. Syracuse Decadrachma"


The Syracuse Decadrachma from the collection of the Pushkin Museum is a masterpiece and a visiting card of antique numismatics. Such coins were not everyday currency and were minted for special occasions. The Syracuse Decadrachm is rightfully considered as one of the most beautiful coins of antiquity. Moreover, it was not anonymous unlike most ancient coins. The artisan who made the die for its striking was called “Phidias of the coinage”. Why is this coin so remarkable? What do we know about it? Who is depicted on the obverse? In honor of what event and why were these coins minted? What event was the starting point for the emergence of such a rare coin? Sergei Kovalenko, the keeper of the Coins and Medals Department, curator of the antique collection, tells about these and other secrets.

"History of a Piece of Art. Syracuse Decadrachma"