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The Order of Nakhimov 1st Class


gold 950, silver 925, ribbon, synthetic rubies, enamel


56,5 mm


67,82 gr


Krasnokamsky Mint

Inventory №



March 3, 1944


The Order of Nakhimov was named in honor of the outstanding Russian naval commander Pavel Nakhimov, the hero of the defence of Sebastopol in 1854-1855. This order has two classes and could be awarded to officers of the Navy of the USSR for outstanding successes in organisation and victorious resulting in a sea fights.


project by the architect M. Shepilevsky and artist A. Diodorov


Lieutenant-General P.A. Morgunov, Chief of the Coastal Defence of the Black Sea Fleet, was the first to be awarded the Order of Nakhimov of the 1st Class in May 1944. In April 1944, the first Order of Nakhimov of the 2nd Class was conferred on Junior Lieutenant N.I. Vasin, a naval pilot of the Northern Fleet, who died a heroic death in May of the same year. All in all over 500 persons were awarded.


Five-pointed ruby star with the points in the shape of bound anchors and golden rays between them. Bust of admiral Nakhimov l. in the centre. Above, inscription in Russian : "ADMIRAL NAKHIMOV". Below the portrait, laurel branches with crossed hammer and sickle.


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