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The Order of Lenin


gold 950, platinum 999, silver 925, enamel, ribbon


40,5х38 mm


45,75 gr


Leningrad Mint

Inventory №



April 6, 1930


The Statute of the Order of Lenin approved on May 5, 1930, says that it is awarded to citizens, collectives, institutions, enterprises and public oganisations of the USSR for outstanding feats contributing to socialist construction and for the national defence. Order of Lenin is awarded to those who have performed oustanding labour and military feats as well.


The new version of the badge of the Order of Lenin made of gold, platinum and silver, comprises main Soviet symbols - red banner, red star and Lenin's portrait with his name on the banner. The red ribbon with yellow line for the badge was introduced by the ordinance on June 19, 1943


The Order of Lenin was the highest decoration in the Soviet Union. The badge no. 1 was conferred on the newspaper "Komsomol'skaya Pravda" on May 23, 1930 for promoting the acceleration of the socialist construction and due to its 5th anniversary. Over 400,000 people were awarded before 1977.


Medaillion with the portrait of Vladimir Lenin facing left, in wreath, under the red flag with inscription "LENIN". The five-pointed red star on wreath to the left and crossed hammer and sickle below.


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