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The Order of the Red Banner 4


silver 925, cupronickel, gilding, enamel, ribbon


46х36,5 мм mm


Инв. № 130129 – о.в. 39,20 г ; Инв. № 130130 – о.в. 38,88 г gr


Moscow Mint, 1955


Moscow Mint

Inventory №



August 1, 1924


The Order of the Red Banner of the USSR was instituted by an ordinance of the Presidium of the Central Executive Committee of the USSR after the institution of the Order of the Red Banner of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic on September 16, 1918. This decoration could be awarded for "outstanding gallantry and valour in battle".


The order could be presented to a person more than once. Number "4" on a small enamel plate below on the wreath is an indication that a person was awarded four times.


In all, circa 15.000 persons became bearers of the Order of the Red Banner for military merit during the Civil War and its heroes - V.Bluher, S.Vostretsov, Ya. Fabritsius, I.Fed'ko were awarded four times.


Laurel wreath with a red banner and crossed torch, gun, hammer and plough with  five-pointed red star in the centre. Inscription on the banner: "Proletarians of All the Countries - Unite!", below - "USSR". A small enamel plate in the lower part of  the badge with no. "4" indicating its number in order of succession. Red ribbon with white lines.


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