Coins and Medals Department, Pushkin
Отдел Коллекция Проекты Научная работа отдела Библиотека События Партнеры Меценаты

Projects Support

Everybody interested in any kind of support of the following Department's exhibition and publication projects is welcomed:

- 2010-2011 - publication of the exhibition catalogue of gems and cameos from the collection of the Pushkin Museum;

- 2010-2012 - publication of the book "Muenzkabinett of the Moscow University" (to the centenary of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts);

- 2011-2012 - publication of the exhibition catalogue "Great Russian Victories perceived through medals and engravings" (to the bicentenary of the of the Patriotic War of 1812);

- 2010 - publication of the 18th volume  of the "Numismatics and Epigraphy";

- 2010 - publication of the 3rd volume of the "Coins and Medals";

for detailed information on the projects concerned please contact Coins&Medals Department, phone +7(495) 697 74 14;

for information on sponsorship, please contact Mr Vyacheslav Voropaev,, phone +7 (495) 697 43 89.