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Cyzicene 550-520 BCCyzicene 550-520 BC

Cyzicene 550-520 BC

Electrum coinage of the ancient Cyzicus started in the second quarter of the 6th cent. BC and lasted till the third quarter of the 4th cent. BC. During this period it was playing role of the international currency and cyzicenes were often mentioned in the inscriptions and narratives. Cyzicenes were especially popular in the Greek cities of the Northern Black Sea Littoral as finds of single coins and hoards as well as ancient authors testify. Over 250 various images had been used as obverse types of these coins. Nevertheless archaeological excavations still provide further enrichment of image repertoire as coin found in 1948 in Panticapaeum and recent Myrmekion hoard of cyzicenes (2003) show.