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FIDEM XXXV Congress MedalFIDEM XXXV Congress Medal

FIDEM XXXV Congress Medal

Central to the obverse design are three leaves intertwined with a flowing sash. The maple leaves represent Canada bounded by water on three sides by the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic Oceans. The flowing sash represents Canada’s fresh water lakes and rivers. The wheat design represents Canada’s strong agricultural roots and the eastern cedar motif on the left hand side honours the land around the National Capital Region where the FIDEM XXXV Conference/Exhibit took place. The Rocky Mountains and the Aurora Borealis symbolizes the spectacular opportunities Canada has to offer to those who choose to make this land their home. On the reverse side the Aurora Borealis flows from the obverse side. The underlying five sides figure moving forward from behind the Aurora Borealis evokes Canada’s commitment to ensuring a safe and caring community. Sitting beneath the stars, a female figure reading to a child represents the importance of education so that we have a better understanding of the world around us. (From the FIDEM XXXV Exhibition Catalogue, p. 4).